•  World´s Greatest Disasters (Největší světové katastrofy) Quakes from Hell, Shattered Countries, Awesome Avalanches, Tsunami Killer Waves, Killer Cyclones, Hurricanes from Hell, Extreme Weather, Tornadoes and Twisters)


  •  Nature´s Weirdest Events (Fascinující proměny přírody) II, 1, 2, 3





pro bývalou televizi Z1:

Alaskan Oil Spill


Standoff at Ruby Ridge

LA Riots

Jonestown Tragedy

Getting Gotti

Miracle baby grows up

 Smart Idea, Ep. 1-26

The Universe (ep. Gravity, Dark Matter, Light Speed)


Day After Disaster


Can We Make A Star on Earth

International Terrorism (The Tamil Tigers, Somali Warlords, The Moluccan Separatists, The Mau Mau, The Taliban, The OAS, The Ku Kux Klan, The SLA and Patty Hearst, The Oklahoma Bomber, The Weathermen, The I.R.A., Early Israeli Terrorism, The Al-Quaeda Menace)

Ghosts of The Chuuk Lagoon

Voyage to the Edge of the World (Cousteau)

Is the Magnetic Pole About to Flip?

Maurice and Katia Krafft: Lives on Fire

Michael Schumacher: The Red Baron

Lewis Hamilton

The Magic of Audrey (story on Audrey Hepburn)

Jackie: Power and Style (story on Jacqueline Kennedy)

Barack Obama: His Story

A Rock Crusade (story on U2)

Princesses of the World

Mengele´s Twin Mystery

24 Hours After


White Horses of Lipizza

1,000 Roman Skeletons

Nations Zero

Pioneers Turned Millionaires (ep. Levi Strauss, Henry Steinway, John Jacob Astor, Henry John Heinz, William Boeing)

In Space (ep. 6, 21-26)

Deluxe (ep. 6-9)

The Last Cruise of Columbus

Boom in the Arctic – the Dream of the Northeast Passage


pro Prima Zoom:

Megadisasters (ep. English Super Flood, Atlantis Apocalypse, Hawaii Apocalypse, Come Storm, Alien Infection, Gamma Ray Burst, Asteroid Apocalypse, Comet Catastrophe)

Destroyed in Second (ep. 151, 152)

Known Universe (ep. 3, Extreme Space Tech)


pro Spektrum, Animal Planet, Discovery apod.

1,000 Places To See Before You Die (Ep. 112- Mexico)

Man, Woman, Wild (s.II, ep. 6,7)

True CSI IV, ep. 1

Danger Coast, ep. 5, 6

Taking on Tyson, ep. 3, 4

Murder Shift II, Ep. 1

City Chic, Reykjavik

Deadly Women, 3 (Bloodlines)

Anthony Burdain, No Reservations III, Brazil

Bondi Vet IV, Ep. 11, 12, V,  Ep. 18

Meteorite Men, Ep. 3, 5

Monkey Life VI, Ep. 4,5, 8, 9

Outback Rangers, Ep. 5, 6

Curiosity (Sun Storm)

Swimming With Monsters I, Ep. 3

Mermaids New Evidence

How the Earth Works, Ep. 7

Wildlife SOS X, Ep. 8

Roaring with Pride, Ep. 6

Shamwari, A Wild Life III, Ep. 5, 6

Deadly Islands, Ep. 4

Cheetah Race to Rule

Mutant Planet II, Ep. 1, 3

Wild Ones, Ep. 9, 10

The Dog Rescuers, Ep. 5, 6

Village Vets, Ep. 9, 10

a řada dalších....


DVD pro děti:

The Story of Christmas (Vánoční příběh očima oslíka)

Sv. Mikuláš